DianaDeluxe goes to Varberg, Sweden. First craft market
DianaDeluxe goes to Varberg, Sweden. First craft market

varberg craft market

Hi, loves!

Exciting news I have to share with you all! I just participated in DianaDeluxe's first ever craft market and went all the way to Sweden to do it. Wanted to try out my strengths in craft show for some time now and finally opportunity came to do it and so I did.

Found the perfect place for my first craft market - usually sunny, placed next to the seaside, historical architecture and filled with relaxation and entertainment looking people. Varberg has all of these things.

As I'm a newbie in craft shows then wanted to prepare myself for this event as much as I can - promoted it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So if you were in Varberg then probably you knew was coming!

Weather plays an important role if your craft market will be a success and Varberg wasn't that sunny as weather forecast told me. :D Yes, it rained buckets all day long and wind accompanied this apocalyptic scene. So glad my tent did not fly away with everything I displayed. I guess it means I have a great one. :D

Nevertheless, time spent in Varberg was amazing. Met sellers who were selling there for multiple years and they were kind enough even to share their secrets how to be more successful in craft shows. Such info is really so valuable since I'm a newbie.

Over several hours in craft market I truly learned a lot. Saw all the great things that I already have accomplish and also noticed some improvements. Will definitely invest in displays and marketing materials that reflect what DianaDeluxe is all about - high quality slow fashion brand that uses bright colors and interesting design to highlight your personal style by making you feel more unique ans special.

Will surely participate in more craft shows next year as no matter what is the weather it is always fun to meet my lovely clients no matter where they live.

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