Götheborg and Beading
Götheborg and Beading

I love to travel! Since I'm a hardcore jewelry addict too then looking for inspiration around my travels is a necessity. Either it's going into numerous fashion boutiques, sitting in fancy cafe observing how locals dress or finding a remote small shop with interesting bead supplies - I just have to get a piece of that particular city, county, village,  you name it, and enrich my baggage of experience that I can incorporate into DianaDeluxe Jewelry.

This spring I travelled to Gothenborg, Sweden. And found my inner spring feeling over there. Yes, in Scandinavia - usually a place where harsh winds are blowing and rain pouring. But...this time it was all sunshines and long walks around the city. Have a look into this small video how bright the sun was shining!

As told by locals then such nice weather is not a common sight in April. Usually it rains and sky is painted only with grey colors. But I was lucky!

Since winter in Baltics was still raging in full mode then seeing cherry blossoms in the heart of Gotheborg was really something with WOW factor.

cherry blossoms in sweden

Now lets focus more on inspiration I got.

Sweden is not really known to be a production country for beads and bead supplies but surely one can find some interesting small souvenir shops where a bit of jewelry supplies can be found.

The first bead shop I found is quite quirky, loaded with candy like beads and colorful as candy shop, too. Located in Haga Nygata shop under name Pyssellbutikensson offers cute looking plastic beads in the shape of gummy bears, cube beads with letters on them and many more. Have to say that if you want to create anything in the style of 50s, pop-art and kitsch then don't hesitate to visit it. I found some interesting bow shape plastic beads for myself and long dagger shape beads (you can see then in the picture below). Didn't buy much so can't really remember what was the price range there.


The second shop where I found materials for jewelry making was just few steps further from previous one. Located on the same Nygata street and named Haga.

haga shop

This shop originally offers souvenirs and gifts but there are also small selection of semi precious stones and jewelry findings. If you are looking for more expensive materials for your jewelry then this place is the one to go in as they have decent amount of most popular semi precious stones like mountain crystals, agate and so on. Also they had large basket filled with stones in various shapes without a drilled hole in them - great if you are into wire wrapping and want to stock up some stones as they weren't expensive at all. See the pictures below.

More prominent stones can definitely be found here if you want to upgrade you stone and crystal collection.

stones precious

Oh, and few words about Scandinavian style! Locals really love to embrace minimalist style. Simple wool coat, jeans, white sneakers and plain sweater was the most often seen "uniform" over there. Simple, understated, comfortable outfit is the main key element to look like Scandinavian.

P.S. After Gothenborg I created one Scandinavian inspired necklace with clean lines and quite uniform in color. Tell me what do you think about it?

agate necklace





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