Making jewelry more sensuous with silk #2
Making jewelry more sensuous with silk #2

When I wrote about silk jewelry in blog post Making jewelry more sensuous with silk then you saw some behind the scene pictures and I gave away some tips what it takes when one is working with delicate silk. Now I will show you how beautiful and sensuous look finished jewelry pieces. Are you ready? Then follow me!

I created three jewelry pieces from delicately handpleated silk. The first piece that I made was multi-leaf silk necklace with tie up ribbons. It took 10 separate silk leafs to embroider with tiny seed beads and glass crystals. Each leaf is created to be different as I intended to create organic looking couture necklace for the most ethereal feel. I chose to make necklace that can be secured with silk bows as it creates also feminine and fragile looking neck piece.

Silk necklace

soie necklace

Second piece that was created with pleated silk was Stylized Bow Bib Necklace. This neck piece is created from one silk fabric square with pleats and constructed to create bow that is emphasized with bead embroidery.  This necklace is finished with crystal chain that can be adjusted how you want.  Ah, this bib necklace looks great with round neck collar styles.

Silk Bib necklace

statement necklace

In the picture above you see matching silk earrings ( sorry, they are sold already!). But don't worry, I have made second silk jewelry collection with more silk earrings to suit your needs. Just have a look HERE to read all about it!)

This was my first time using silk in jewelry creation and surely form the results I will create some statement pieces. Yes, it is quite challenging to use silk as it is delicate and fragile but  that is all worthwhile as this material allows fabric modification in various ways.

Silk jewellery

I hope you will enjoy the outcome as much I did creating these jewelry pieces.

Here you can explore them more closely:

Silk Bib Necklace with Stylized Bow

Couture Silk Necklace with Embroidery

Luxe Silk Earrings with Crystals ( sold)





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