Kitsch can be elegant
Kitsch can be elegant

Pop Art Brooches

Let Kitsch and Pop Art into you life! I certainly have done it and it can be seen in my latest DianaDeluxe brooch collection Face Feature Brooches. They are bold, colorful, quite prominent but also classy when worn with simple, elegant outfit.

Lets look a bit more into my inspiration source - Kitsch and Pop Art. Why in the world would I create something like this?'s fun! But when seriously we're thinking about these styles then I have to say that Kitsch and Pop Art for me means bright colors, somewhat clean and simple lines, easily understandable design or depiction of the object with slight or quite emphasized touch of weirdness that you can laugh at, too. Also it can be something totally cliché thing when it comes to Kitsch. Great way how to hide lack of sentiment btw. Just imagine cliché greeting cards with overly sweet words where in the same time you really don't care. Probably the best description of Kitsch for me is put into words of Jonathan Jones in his article published by The Guardian "...kitsch is to enter a hall of mirrors that reflects your own prejudice." But Pop Art is visual elements of the mass-media from the popular culture that surely is quite open to embrace Kitsch.

Kitsch Pop Art

But lets talk about style, fashion and JEWELRY! If you think Kitsch is something of a past then think again. Elements of Kitsch can be found all over runway and it surely inspires people to be brave with their style. Just think of Dolce&Gabbana extravagant embroidered shoes, handbags loaded with texture and colors ( and, yes, in first picture below those are heels that look like woman with cross around the neck). Or Vivienne Westwood's rubber heels with heart decor on them. Do you remember Alexander McQueen's skull and crystal brass knuckle handbags? There are many more examples of famous and well distinguished designers that have incorporated Kitsch into our daily lives through fashion. See, Kitsch can be elegant and is elegant( if you don't put all these things together in one outfit!)!

Dolce&GabbanaRubber ShoeBrass Knuckle Handbag

This brooch collection was inspired by Salvador Dali, Sonia Rykiel and Lanvin jewelry brooches. But mostly I have to say thank you to Dali as his surreal style truly encaptures me.

 Dali Ruby LipsDali Ruby Lip BroochLanvin Lip BroochLanvin Lip Brooch Rykiel lip broochSonia Rykiel Lip Brooch

Of course, first brooches that I created were lips. Luscious, dark red lips with pearly white teeth. Beaded in a special way to give 2D effect and makes lips more juicy.

Ruby Red LipsAfter ruby red lips I came up with an idea to actually create collection with more brooches that will depict various face features, like, eyes, face and, of course, lips. After lips came eye brooches.

Eye Brooches by DianaDeluxe

And after eye brooches I started to think of ways how to create whole face brooch. And, voila, thought of chains that would connect three separate brooches creating one whole that wearer can pin how she/he wants.

Beaded BroochesThese Kitschy Face Feature brooches are perfect for wearing separately or combining them how you want it. Stay stylish and embrace your own style





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