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My Story

Hello, dear! The girl sitting in the chair is me, Diana, - passionate jewelry designer. My creative journey began several years ago when I found an old bead embroidered brooch that my grandmother made. Ever since then I've experimented with glass beads to create wonderful jewelry pieces that would make the wearer feel and look more unique. I believe jewelry is a form of self-expression that reflects Your personality and mood. Therefore, DianaDeluxe Jewelry pieces are made as one-of-a-kind items or in limited editions using highest quality materials as Austrian crystals, natural semi-precious stones, finest glass seed beads and Czech fire polished beads. All items are handmade by me stitching thread to thread, bead to bead.          Grab a glass of champagne and start shopping for a present for yourself or your darling!

Luxury You Can Wear

handmade jewelry
From idea to ready to wear jewelry piece
Handmade Jewelry
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handmade work
Each jewelry piece is handmade to perfection
Handmade jewelry
with love
Feel the warmth and uniqueness of handmade jewelry
Handmade jewelry


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